Standing Up for Muslim Women

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photoAsra Nomani was born in India and raised Muslim in Morgantown, West Virginia. She became a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Just months after 9/11, she was in Karachi, Pakistan when her friend and fellow reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and killed. Then the Muslim father of her child balked at marriage.

Now, Asra Nomani is balking at Islam, as practiced in the world today. Fundamentalist leaders are strengthening their grip on Muslim communities around the world, she says. Her mission is to create a movement that allows Muslim women to not only pray next to men, but to also lead prayers.

Hear a conversation with Asra Nomani about her campaign to change how Islam is practiced in America and the world.


Asra Nomani, author of "Standing Alone in Mecca: An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam" and former reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

This program aired on March 24, 2005.


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