Ian McEwan's "Saturday"

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Internationally acclaimed author Ian McEwan is known as a masterful communicator of "unease".

Since 9-11, the whole world has entered that realm – a realm of pervasive unease.

In his latest novel, McEwan takes one day in the life of one essentially average man, and draws the ocean of unease that lies now beneath, within every moment of his life, and ours.

This Hour, On Point: writer Ian McEwan, his new novel, "Saturday", and life in the world after 9-11.Guest:

Ian McEwan, Booker Prize-winning novelist. His books include "Atonement" and "Amsterdam." His new novel is "Saturday."

Opening debrief:

A report by the National Academy of Sciences found that many of America's nuclear power plants are vulnerable to terrorist attack. The findings pointed specifically to the spent fuel rods which are stored on site after use.

The report, commissioned by Congress, concluded that an attack could disrupt the cooling process and recommended that plants take two key steps to prevent the spread of radio activity in the event of an attack.

L.A.Times national correspondent Ralph Vartabedian explains what prompted the commissioning of this report.


Ralph Vartabedian, national correspondent for Los Angeles Times.

This program aired on April 7, 2005.


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