On the Ground in Iraq

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photoThere are more grim news out of Iraq on this Memorial Day. Two suicide bombers detonated themselves in a crowd of policemen in Baghdad, killing twenty-seven. Seventy U.S. troops have been killed in May, making it the deadliest month for the U.S. military since the last January elections.

More than two years after the invasion of Iraq, American troops are still fighting. Over 1,600 have died. Many reporters who have lived beside the soldiers, sharing their tents and humvees, have written about the firefights with insurgents in the Al Anbar province and the fallen soldiers who have become as close as brothers.

Tune in to hear a conversation with embedded reporters Solomon Moore of The Los Angeles Times, James Janega of The Chicago Tribune, and Gina Cavallaro of The Army Times about the victories, struggles, and sometimes despair of the U.S. soldiers in Iraq.


Solomon Moore, correspondent, The Los Angeles Times

Jeff Janega, reporter, The Chicago Tribune

Gina Cavallaro, reporter, The Army Times.

This program aired on May 30, 2005.


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