New Vision for U.S. Foreign Policy

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photoThe White House, State Department, and Pentagon have their hands full. There is a war in Iraq and a war on terror, instability in Afghanistan, nuclear ambitions in Iran and North Korea, and a rising China and India. Now a big conservative voice is questioning the fundamental direction of U.S. foreign policy.

Richard Haass directed policy planning at the State Department during George W. Bush's first term, was a top Middle East adviser to Bush senior and an aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Haas says that the current Bush administration has sunk enough time, money, and resources into an expensive war of choice in Iraq and that its crusading foreign policy risks alienating the world. Instead, he says, the United States should be integrating the major powers into a new concert of nations in multilateral cooperation.

Hear a conversation with Richard Haas about U.S.'s moment to alter history's course.


Richard N. Haass, president, Council on Foreign Relations and author of "The Opportunity: America's Moment to Alter History's Course";
Lawrence Kaplan, senior editor, The New Republic;
Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and senior editor at the Atlantic Monthly

This program aired on June 2, 2005.

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