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Best and Worst Jobs in America

This article is more than 17 years old.
photoYou may have grown up hoping to be a ballerina or a cowboy. According to a new study, those are two of America's worst professions. Maybe it's time to put your true passions to bed and follow the straight and narrow path to prosperity and security.

Using six key criteria to analyze the best and worst jobs — environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, security and stress, the study found that the best professions are accountants, actuaries and bank officers.

Hear a discussion about America's best and worst jobs.


Les Kranz, researcher who compiled a list of best and worst jobs based on such factors as income, stress and outlook.

Colleen Kinder, author of "Delaying the Real World: A Twenty-somethings Guide to Seeking Adventure."

Po Bronson, author of "What Should I Do with My Life."

This program aired on June 14, 2005.


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