Nothing But Empty Net?

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photoThe San Antonio Spurs hold a 2-1 lead over the Detroit Pistons in this year's NBA finals. But following the bouncing ball isn't "must-see TV" any more. Ratings are way down. So are revenues. And there's a lockout looming.

It wasn't always this way. Michael Jordan was a household name. The battles between the Celtics and Lakers were legendary. Julias Erving, a.k.a. "Dr. J" was spellbinding.

Now, it's the players' behavior off the court that's getting more press. Kobe Bryant's rape trial and a brawl on the stands have been hoop nightmares for the beleaguered NBA league.

Tune in for an insider's perspective beyond the baseline on the future of the NBA.


Jack McCallum, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, covering his 14th NBA final

Sam Walker, sports columnist for the Wall Street Journal

Bob Ryan, sports columnist for The Boston Globe

David Steele, sports columnist for The Baltimore Sun

This program aired on June 15, 2005.


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