Identity Theft

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photoReports of new cases of identity theft keep coming in. The latest breach could be the largest case of stolen consumer data to date with more than 40 million Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accounts vulnerable to fraud exposure.

Banks and credit card companies say they're keeping a close eye on financial data. But these days, with the government doing little to combat online criminals, it seems they don't have the upper hand and that any day, someone could be riding off in a Porsche in your name.

Tune in for a discussion what's being done to keep your financial data secure, and what you can do to prevent your identity from falling into the wrong hands.


Jonathan Turley, professor at George Washington University Law School and identity theft victim;
Ed Mierzwinski, consumer program director at U.S. Public Interest Research Group;
Dan Clements, CEO of the consumer protection company Card Cops and an expert on credit card fraud

This program aired on June 21, 2005.


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