What Iraqi Women Want

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photoFor women in Iraq, these are important days. The country is about to get a new constitution, due out on August 15. Whether the document will curtail women's rights has emerged as one of the biggest questions.

Working drafts have given a strong role to Islamic law and equal rights for men and women but only as long as equality does not violate Shariah law. That means women would take a back seat in personal matters like divorce. Drafts of the constitution have also dropped requirements that women hold a quarter of the seats in Parliament.

Iraqi women have been protesting. And a new women's radio station in Baghdad has been spreading the word. Will it be enough?

On Point discusses: What Iraqi women want. And, what they might get.


Alissa Rubin, Baghdad bureau chief for The Los Angeles Times

Raja Khuzai, member of the iraqi Governing Council

Zainab Salbi, CEO and president of "Women for Women International"

Basma Fakri, Co-founder and President of "The Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq"

This program aired on August 8, 2005.


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