John Singleton's "Four Brothers"

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photoJohn Singleton is riding high in Hollywood. He produced and bankrolled the independent hip-hop-toned film "Hustle & Flow" that's won raves at Sundance and beyond this summer. He's also directed the lapel-grabbing new film that opens in theaters today, "Four Brothers," starring Mark Wahlberg, R&B singer Tyrese and OutKast superstar Andre 3000.

It's the story of four foster brothers --two black, two white — who come home to Detroit seeking vengeance and then justice for the murdered woman who adopted them. It is a violent high action film that ends up also reaching for a high message of justice, community, and even love.

Hear a conversation with director John Singleton and Outkast superstar Andre 3000 to talk about their new film "Four Brothers."


John Singleton, director of the new film "Four Brothers" and producer of "Hustle & Flow."Andre 3000, actor and half of the award-winning rap duo, Outkast. He plays Jeremiah Mercer in "Four Brothers."

This program aired on August 12, 2005.


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