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photoIn 1985, author Bret Easton Ellis who was barely in his 20s and still in college, became the poster boy of disaffected youth with his novel "Less than Zero." The bestseller about rich kids on winter break in a delirium of partying, drugs and sex in Los Angeles, sent him to the top of A-list young authors.

He then wrote "The Rules of Attraction" about campus life at its worst in the Reagan 1980s. Then came the 1991 blockbuster "American Psycho" — the story of a serial killer modeled after his own father.

The one-time bad boy is now entering middle age. At 41, Ellis has come out with "Lunar Park" which is part-autobiography, part thriller. It's also a window into Ellis' take on all that's very wrong with suburbia, kids on meds, love and family.

Hear a conversation with novelist Bret Easton Ellis about his new book "Lunar Park."


Bret Easton Ellis, author of the bestsellers "Less than Zero," "The Rules of Attraction" and "American Psycho." His new book is the semi-autobiographical novel "Lunar Park."

This program aired on August 24, 2005.


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