The Gargantuan Growth of Google

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photoThe search engine Google's going gangbusters. The world's hottest tech company just introduced new software — 3D mapping with GoogleEarth, talking over the Internet with GoogleTalk, and a new desktop application that lets you scan your hard drive with a few clicks of the mouse. Now there are rumors that Google is building its own Internet.

The super successful company has been a darling of Wall Street and of Silicon Valley. Now, with $3 billion in the bank, it's going back to Wall Street to raise another four. With its money, talent and clout, some see a new Microsoft in the making. Some wonder if Google can stick to its motto "do no evil."

Hear about the exploding ambition of Google and where the search engine giant is headed next.


Ben Elgin, correspondent for BusinessWeek magazineDanny Weitzner, director, World Wide Web Consortium, which develops technology standards that enable the web to address social, legal, and public policy concerns,
principal research scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

This program aired on August 30, 2005.


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