Wal-Mart in the City

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photoWal-Mart is going to the big city. The big box retailer is targeting urban areas like Oakland, Denver, Hartford, Portland and Chicago. But some cities are more excited than others.

In some hard-hit urban communities, Wal Mart is seen as an economic savior. When Wal-Mart started taking applications for jobs at its new store in Oakland, more than eleven thousand people lined up.

In Chicago, the retailer's plans touched off a contentious debate, dogged by questions of race and class, a debate that continues even after the company has broken ground on its West-Side store.

Wal-Mart was born and bred in the country and moved on to the suburbs. Now it's looking to sew up America's cities.

Is Wal-Mart ready for urban life? And are urbanites ready for Wal-Mart?


John Dicker, author of "The United States of Wal-Mart"

Dan Folgelman, corporate spokesman for Wal-Mart

Rev. Joseph Kyles, leadr of the 37th Ward Pastor's Alliance, supports Wal-Mart's construction of a new store in Chicago

Elce Redmongd, Organizer for the Soouth Austin Coaltion community group, oposes Wl-Mart's entry into Chicago

Tah-Nehisi Coates, staff writer Time magazine

This program aired on September 1, 2005.


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