U.S. Economy and Hurricane Katrina

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photoThe priority of relief efforts is to save lives along the Gulf Coast but Hurricane Katrina has also dealt a body blow to the national U.S. economy. Food exports are backed up on the Mississippi. Foreign sellers can't ship their goods through New Orleans' massive port. Truckers are complaining some parts of the country are running out of diesel.

Everyone from Wall Street market traders to Alan Greenspan is watching closely to see just how long it will take for key segments of the economy to come back on line after the storm. Some economists think there will be a nasty bump on the road while others fear this could push the economy into recession.

Hear about Hurricane Katrina's short and long-term impact on the U.S. economy.


Penny Brown Roberts, reporter for The Advocate, Baton Rouge's daily newspaper

John Harwood, National Political Editor for The Wall Street Journal

Ted Falgout, Port Director, Port Fourchon, LA

Bill Graves, President of American Trucking Associations & former governor of Kansas

Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, Global Insight

Kathleen Madigan, Business Week

Mark Zandi, Chief Economist,

This program aired on September 2, 2005.


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