America's New Refugees

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photoOn the move, dispatched and dispersed, hundreds of thousands of Gulf Coast Americans from every walk of life have walked, driven, hitchhiked, or been bussed, choppered, or flown out of the wreckage and flooding of Hurricane Katrina.

Across the country, a rough Diaspora is underway, with the displaced from New Orleans and beyond searching for some place to hunker down and figure out their next step. Texas Governor Rick Perry says his state, next door to Louisiana, needs help with the influx.

Other states and homes around the country are opening their doors to this mammoth exodus. But what the future holds for Katrina's exiles is a big question, and a national question.

Hear about the mass migration of Gulf Coast Americans displaced by disaster.


Terri Langford, reporter for Houston Chronicle.;
Rhodi Chambliss, a native of New Orleans who now lives and works in the Boston area. She and her extended family have spent the last week trying to help their family members get out of New Orleans and into temporary accommodations.;
Anthony Oliver-Smith, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, University of Florida.;
Harold Bryant, Mayor of Monroe, LA.;
Scott Cowen, President of Tulane University.

This program aired on September 5, 2005.


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