Political Hurricane


It's been a rough summer for U.S. President George W. Bush. First, Cindy Sheehan - the grieving mother of a dead soldier in Iraq - turned his Crawford vacation into a focal point for national recrimination on the mess of the war.

Then oil and gas prices headed over the moon. Then Katrina blew in and left his administration — for long, tortured days — looking uncaring, unprepared, inept, even racist.

Powerful Republican ideologues have long said they want to so shrink and weaken government that they could "drown it in a bathtub." This last week, as Bush's approval rating fell to 39 percent, the drowning sound seemed to come from New Orleans, or maybe from the GOP.

Hear about the political fallout facing George W. Bush in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


William McKenzie, editorial columnist for The Dallas Morning News.

Bob Deans, chief White House correspondent for Cox Newspapers.

Mona Charen, syndicated columnist.

This program aired on September 12, 2005. The audio for this program is not available.


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