China and the US: Friends or Foes?

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In Beijing, the buzz phrase for China's ascent to global power is "peaceful rising." That is the nearly-official Chinese depiction of what the ancient nation is up to in its very modern surge to power — peace and prosperity, for China and the world.

In Washington, some China watchers are not so sure. U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has asked very publicly why China is building such notable military strength. And at Rumsfeld's elbow sits Michael Pillsbury, one-time China lover who now is ringing alarm bells about Beijing's military challenge to the United States. Critics call him paranoid. Pillsbury says he's just paying attention.

Hear a conversation about America's friend or foe in Beijing.


Carlo Giacomo, Diplomatic Correspondent, Reuters News Service

Jonathan Kaufman, Deputy Editor & Former China Editor, Wall Street Journal.

This program aired on September 14, 2005.


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