No More Gay Catholic Priests?

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photoThe Catholic Church continues to struggle with the fallout of its staggering sexual abuse scandal. Just yesterday, the Chicago Archdiocese announced it removed 11 priests suspected of sexual misconduct with minors.

Now, under the new leadership of Pope Benedict the 16th, the Vatican is forging a new path, taking a hard look at whether it should bar gay men from entering the priesthood.

Critics are outraged, saying there is no link between pedophilia and homosexuality. Others support the move, saying that you have to address the fact that 80 percent of the Church's young sexual abuse victims were male.

Hear a discussion on the Catholic Church's consideration of barring gay men from entering the priesthood.


Michael Paulson, religion correspondent for The Boston Globe

Edward Vacek, chair of the moral theology department at the Weston School of Theology

Richard Sipe, psychotherapist and former Benedictine monk and priest. For more than 30 years, he has been engaged in research on the institution and practice of priestly celibacy

Brian Saint Paul, editor of Crisis magazine

This program aired on September 27, 2005.


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