The Fall of Tom Delay

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A grand jury indictment in Travis County, Texas is shaking Washington and the American political world today. For years now, Texas Congressman and GOP strongman Tom DeLay has been THE muscle behind the Republican agenda on Capitol Hill.

If President Bush was the public face, DeLay was - famously - the "hammer" — the inside, iron-fisted, take-no- prisoners enforcer who used carrots and a lot of stick to get his way, and the GOP's way, in Washington.

Now DeLay is indicted on political money-laundering charges, and has stepped aside at House Majority Leader as a floodtide of ethics woes, criminal charges and internal dissent is rising on the GOP levees.

Hear about the indictment of Tom DeLay, and a tough season for the GOP.


R.G. Ratcliffe, political reporter for The Houston ChronicleJoshua Micah Marshall, editor of the blog talkingpointsmemo, contributing editor for The Washington Monthly

Lou Dubose, co-author of "The Hammer: Tom Delay, God, Money, and the Rise of the Republican Congress

William McKenzie, columnist Dallas Morning News

Maura Reynolds, covers Congress for The Los Angeles Times

This program aired on September 29, 2005.


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