Apple and the Media Revolution

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Apple Computer co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs was back in his famed role as technology hypnotist last week.

Apple already has millions around the world hooked on its iPod digital music players. You can't hit a bus, subway, school locker, or Starbucks in America without finding his signature white ear buds and nifty iPods.

They've become high tech talismans, delivering private worlds of downloaded music and public world's of audio podcasting. Now, the sleek pocket packs are delivering video on a two and a half inch screen. And in those palm-sized plays of "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives," some see the digital revolution coming to full boil. But will it replace a GM on the skids?

Hear about Apple, video everywhere, and the endless media revolution.


Lev Grossman, Staff Writer for Time Magazine

Leander Kahney, Content Editor for Wired Magazine and author of the just-released book "Cult of iPod"

Doug Rushkoff, author of the forthcoming book "Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out

Diane Brady, Senior Writer for Business Week Magazine.

This program aired on October 21, 2005.


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