France Under the Microscope

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Two weeks of rioting, a state of emergency, the worst unrest in half a century — and France still doesn't know what to do.

The French republican ideal says "colorblind citizenship." The French reality of race is a large underclass of brown and black faces — African, Muslim, the children and grandchildren of France's colonial past — who have rampaged through the poor suburbs of Paris and across the country.

There is an impulse to reach out. There is an impulse to crack down. And there is in France, and across much of Europe, deep confusion and fear about what the future holds — what Europe will be in another generation.

Hear about state of emergency in France, and lessons from and for America.


Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief and Middle East Regional Editor, Newsweek Magazine

Dominique Moisi, Deputy Director, The French Institute of International Relations, Editor of the quarterly review Politique Etrangere, Professor, Institut d'Etude Politique de Paris, Columnist, Financial Times

Tariq Ramadan, Visiting professor at Oxford University in England, author of "Western Muslims and the Future of Islam"

Luis Fraga, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University, co-editor of "Ethnic and Racial Minorities in Advanced Industrial Democracies."

This program aired on November 11, 2005.


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