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photo"Realism" in foreign policy is defined as a doctrine in which America is guided exclusively by strategic self-interest. Moral considerations are secondary at best. With constant reports of prisoner abuse and mounting casualties in Iraq, foreign policy realism may be in for a comeback.

Promoting democracy may be laudable in Iraq and elsewhere, but critics contend that such good intentions has lead the nation into an unaffordable, moral swamp.

Boston University's Andrew Bacevich says the nation can be guided by strategic self-interest and morality. Richard Haass, a veteran of Washington policy battles, preaches a multilateral path to achieve America's goals.

Hear about the search for an American strategic doctrine, real, moral, and affordable.


Andrew Bacevich, Professor of International Relations, Boston University;
Richard Haass, President, Council of Foreign Relations

Paul Reynolds, World Affairs Correspondent, BBC News Online.

This program aired on November 17, 2005.


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