Frank McCourt on "Teacher Man"

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When he came out in 1996 with the bestseller "Angela's Ashes," Frank McCourt quickly became an international celebrity. He was 66-years-old, a lifelong teacher with a beguiling story of childhood in Ireland and a killer brogue straight out of Limerick. Or, in his own typically self-skewering words, the "mick of the moment," a "geriatric novelty with an Irish accent."

Soon thereafter, a Pulitzer Prize, a movie deal, and legions of fans devoted to a master raconteur followed. With his second book, "Tis," McCourt became a serial memoirist. Now he's out with number three, "Teacher Man," the story of his years in the public schools of New York.

Hear a conversation with Frank McCourt, the storytelling teacher.


Frank McCourt, for thirty years he taught in New York City public schools. His first book, "Angela's Ashes," about growing up in an impoverished Catholic family in Ireland, won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award and the L.A. Times Book Award. He is also author of "Tis." His new book is "Teacher Man."

This program aired on November 22, 2005.


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