Rendition in the Hot Seat

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It's been a hard slog for Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice through Europe this week.

She wants to talk about broader, deeper cooperation in the war on terror. Europe wants to talk about torture. About the CIA grabbing people off streets in "extraordinary rendition" and flying them around the world, to "black sites", secret prisons, for some very rough interrogation.

Secretary Rice says the United States does not authorize or condone torture of detainees. Europe is not at all sure it believes her. Despite denials, critics now speak of an "American gulag" in Poland and Romania and Kabul.

Hear about torture and truth, rendition, black sites, and what's really going on in the war on terror.


Jane Mayer, Staff writer for The New Yorker magazinePaul Reynolds, BBC News Online's World Affairs Correspondent

Steven Watt, ACLU's human rights advisor on the new El-Masri vs Tenet lawsuitMel Goodman, Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy in DC and Former CIA analyst --at the Office of Soviet Affairs --from 1966-1990.

This program aired on December 8, 2005.


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