How Much is Too Much?

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The super secret National Intelligence Agency (NSA) has been eavesdropping to hundreds, maybe thousands of Americans calling or e-mailing internationally. According to today's New York Times, the NSA continues this type of snooping without the court ordered warrants required by law for such domestic surveillance.

The practice began with a 2002 presidential order to track Al Qaeda in the wake of September 11th. Such spying will only add to the concerns over privacy and civil liberties that may fuel a Senate filibuster of the USA Patriot Act.

Also earlier this week, after initial opposition, President Bush agreed to Senator John McCain's proposal to prevent cruel and inhuman treatment of terrorist suspects.

Hear about tactics versus rights in the War on Terror — have we gone too far?


Josh Meyer, national security reporter for the Los Angeles Times

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation magazine

Eric Posen, law professor from Chicago University School of Law

Juliette Kayyem, former member of the National Commission on Terrorism and lecturer in public policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

This program aired on December 16, 2005.


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