The Disappearance of America's Wild

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Former Interior Secretary, governor of Arizona, and onetime presidential candidate Bruce Babbitt doesn't much fit the mold of environmental zealot. In the Clinton years, while developers screamed at his conservation push, the green lobby complained that he sold out the West.

But Bruce Babbitt has been a solid voice for leaving future generations an American environment of health and biological diversity and open space. And right now he's worried about that legacy, about the urban sprawl that continues to chew up the countryside, and land use policy from the Mississippi delta to the Midwest farmbelt that is tearing up Americaa.

Hear a conversation with Bruce Babbitt on the future of the American environment.


Bruce Babbitt, former US Secretary of the Interior under Clinton (1993 to 2001), presidential candidate, and Governor of Arizona (1978 to 1987). He is the author of "Cities in the Wilderness: A New Vision for Land Use in America ."

This program aired on January 4, 2006.


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