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Basketball was born in the USA, but today it's gone global in a big, big way. Never mind the towering evidence on American NBA courts - Yao Ming and Manu Ginobili and Dirk Nowitzki. The evidence is worldwide. Basketball is the planet's fastest growing sport.

But the great game of hoops is in trouble in the country that created it. Americans are outplayed abroad and uneasy at home over big money and the way the game is now played, over tattoos and dress codes and racial tensions that have spilled right into the stands.

Hear a conversation with New York Times columnist Harvey Araton about basketball, the world, and the soul of the NBA.


Harvey Araton, sports columnist for The New York Times and author of "Crashing the Boarders, How Basketball Won the World and Lost Its Soul at Home"

Chris Broussard, Senior Writer for the ESPN Magazine

Scott Soshnick, covers the NBA and sports business for Bloomberg News.

This program aired on January 6, 2006.


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