Future of Stem Cell Research

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There have been tears and shame in South Korea for the last three weeks — for a monumental scientific hoax in stem cell research. Snuppy the puppy was indeed cloned, we are now told. But the towering claims of giant South Korean strides in human therapeutic cloning of stem cells: bogus.

Therapeutic cloning is the stem cell procedure so promising in its medical possibilities that it had South Korea issuing a postage stamp showing a lame man standing up out of his wheelchair. But with South Korea's claims now shattered, the global map of research and competition has shifted again.

Hear about the real players and real frontier of stem cell research after the South Korea hoax.


Gareth Cook, Pulitzer-prize winning science reporter for The Boston Globe

Dr. Robert Lanza, biologist and Vice President of Advanced Cell Technology

Dr. Arnold Kriegstein, Director of University of California-San Francisco's Institute for Stem Cell and Tissue Biology

Dr. David Scadden, Co-Director of Harvard University's Stem Cell Institute.

This program aired on January 13, 2006.


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