Twenty-Something Love

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The fundamental rules apply, as time goes by, we know. And yet, when it comes to love and the dance of the sexes, the rules can apply in very different ways in different generations.

Grandpa came courting. Mom and dad got funky, and maybe divorced. Gen X was disillusioned. Gen Y — well, they're mating in ways old and very new. They are googling before loving, and shopping and playing the field, en masse, for years.

Young women are bolder. Young men are now the coy ones. And sex, for some at least, is not the grail but the ice breaker. Romance? Well, it's different, and maybe the same, too.

Hear about the twenty-something love, and the new rituals of meeting, mating, and marrying.


Meghan Daum, essayist and author of "The Quality-of-Life Report," a novel about life as a young, unattached American woman.;
Jillian Straus, author of "Unhooked Generation.";
Miriam Datskovsky, 20-years-old. She writes the "Sexplorations" column for The Columbia Spectator, Columbia University's daily student newspaper.;
Kyle Smith, film critic for The New York Post and author of "Love Monkey: A Novel."

This program aired on February 14, 2006.


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