Cheney on the Firing Line

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Ok, the vice president shot a man. On the one hand, this is just a very sad story that anybody — or at least any hunter — could identify with. Hunting buddies out shooting quail, and one shoots the other instead. Not good. Just brush him with bird shot and it's almost funny, in a macho hunter kind of way.

For a while yesterday, the White House was joking about it. Trent Lott called Dick Cheney the "shooter in chief." But when the hunting buddy is 78, and he's hit in the head and chest, and he has a heart attack — not so funny.

And when the vice president — the shooter — doesn't call his boss and doesn't say peep, for days, to the American people ... well, that seems odd.

Hear about the the shooting in Texas, and the quail hunt gone wrong.


Anne Kornblut, National Correspondent The New York Times

Andy Funk, hunting guide

Harvey Kronberg, publisher of the Quorum Report

Joseph Ellis, professor of History at Mount Holyoke College, author of "Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation" and "His Excellency: George Washington,"

William McKenzie, editorial columnist for The Dallas Morning News

This program aired on February 15, 2006.


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