Bush to India

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With all the hullabaloo in Washington over Dubai port operators and Iraq war woes, President Bush may glad to get out of town this week - and he's getting way out of town, to India and Pakistan.

Half a world away, booming India is emerging as a new partner and a new challenge — as a nuclear-armed power, as an economic power and destination for outsourced American jobs, as an ancient, post-colonial nation with its own distinctive view of the world.

For decades the US and India barely spoke. Now, India needs America and its markets. And America needs India — as a market, as a balance to rising China, as an example of democracy at work in the developing world.

Hear about America, and the meaning of booming India.Guests:

Scott Baldauf, South Asian bureau chief for the Christian Science Monitor.

Jim VandeHei, White House correspondent for the Washington Post.

Sumit Ganguly, Professor of Indian Cultures and Civilizations, and Politcal Science, at Indiana University.

Teresita Schaffer, Director of the South Asian program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Brahma Chellaney, Professor of Strategic Studies at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi.

This program aired on February 27, 2006.


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