What Makes Pete McCloskey Run?

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Maverick Californian Republican Pete McCloskey's bio sounds like a page from history, and it is.

He graduated from high school the year World War II ended. A highly-decorated US Marine, McCloskey led bayonet charges in the Korean War.

He joined the US Congress in 1967, tangled with Richard Nixon over the war in Vietnam.

McCloskey retired years ago to grow oranges in California.

Now, he's coming back to confront a Republican party — his party — that he says has gone dangerously wrong.

At 78, he's challenging Tom Delay buddy Richard Pombo for Pombo's seat in Congress. Pombo's people say Pete McCloskey is stuck in the 70s, like Austin Powers. McCloskey says the GOP is in crisis.

Hear Pete McCloskey explain why after nearly a quarter century out of office, the 78-year-old maverick Republican is running for Congress again.Guests:

Pete McCloskey, Republican running for Congress in California's 11th District, he served 15 years in Congress and retired in 1983.

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst.

This program aired on February 27, 2006.


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