The World According to Bill Emmott

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If Brittania rules the waves anywhere anymore, it may be in the circulation lists of the Economist magazine. In a decade and more that has seen news publications struggle for readers, Economist executive editor Bill Emmott has seen his numbers soar.

Time, Newsweek, U.S. News — all flat or down. The Economist, way up — and up overwhelmingly in America. Even Homer Simpson read it on an episode not long ago.

Why so popular? Some say it's snob appeal. Some say it's the "news with attitude" that American publications avoid. Some say it's an elite readership of the very globalization the Economist has championed.

Now Emmott's leaving and we'll ask him.


Bill Emmott, Editor of The Economist magazine;
Franklin Foer, Editor of The New Republic magazine

This program aired on March 2, 2006.


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