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When it comes to hot buttons, immigration is a big one today. And the fear behind the fury over Mexican border fences and lost jobs has a lot to do with culture. Americans whose families immigrated before are wary of Americans whose families — often Latino — are immigrating now.

And yes, there is a lot more Spanish and a lot more south-of-the-border culture flourishing inside the USA. But it turns out there is something else going on, too. It's a story as old as the country. This time, the Latino Americans are "Americanizing" and changing themselves while they live in America.

Hear about the cultural evolution of Latino-Americans and America in a new century.


Richard Rodriguez, Essayist;
Jeff Valdez, Co-founder & Chairman, Si TV;
Connie Alvarez, volunteer coordinator at KCRW

Luis Clemens, reporrter for MultiChannel New.

This program aired on March 14, 2006.


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