Solutions to the Global Warming Crisis

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Human denial and inertia can have awesome power, but so can human insight and gumption. For two decades, Americans in particular have lived in debate and denial about global warming. Well, the debate is over, and the warming is on.

We're on our way to the hottest planet in a million years. If we want to rein it in and survive, it's do or die time for bears and bugs and icebergs and us. Ten years, we're told. Ten years to get a handle on the warming. That sounds like an American challenge — and not much time.

Hear about waking what it will really take to whip global warming, and thrive.


Kevin Knoblock, president, Union of Concerned Scientists, an alliance of 100,000 citizens and scientists that advocates for a cleaner environment.

Reid Detchon, executive director, Energy Future Coalition, a coalition of business, labor and environmental groups that looks for alternative solutions to energy problems. He was principal deputy assistant secretary for conservation and renewable energy during the first Bush administration.

Daniel Bromley, professor of applied economics, University of Wisconson at Madison. He has written extensively on natural resource and environmental economics. He is co-author of, "Economics, Ethics and Environmental Policy."

This program aired on March 30, 2006.


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