DeLay to Step Down

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He was "The Hammer" — the most feared man and powerbroker in Washington. And today, longtime Republican House Majority leader Tom DeLay has signaled he will resign from Congress in something like disgrace.

DeLay, facing trial later this year on money-laundering charges, is saying he fears he cannot win re-election from his home in Sugarland, near Houston, Texas.

A federal corruption probe last week took a guilty plea from DeLay's former deputy chief of staff. His former press secretary has pled guilty in the Jack Abramaoff scandal. Now, the "Hammer" who pushed through so much of the Republican agenda is headed out.

Hear about the long fall of Tom DeLay.


Julie Mason, Washington Correspondent for Houston Chronicle

Mike Allen, White House correspondent for Time magazine. He sat down with Delay for an exclusive interview

Joshua Micah Marshall, editor of the political blog

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst.

This program aired on April 4, 2006.


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