Future of TV News

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When Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather left the stage, the word was out: network television news was going to change, and change in a big way. Audience was evaporating. The Internet and cable TV were changing the world.

CBS chief Les Moonves declared it was time to break the mold - "bomb the building" he said. Lead a revolution, where Walter Chronkite once reigned.

Well, the news is in. CBS has chosen. And the future is... NBC's anchor Katie Couric. She is smart, chipper, the girl next door, a huge winner in the morning — and soon the first woman to solo anchor the network evening news.

Hear about the future of television news.


Matea Gold, reporter for the Los Angeles Times

Charles Bierbauer, Dean of University of South Carolina's College of Mass Communications and Information Studies and a former CNN and ABC News correspondent

Jane Clayson, former correspondent CBS Evening News, co-anchored the CBS Early Show with Bryant Gumbel

Michael Wolff, contributing editor Vanity Fair

Jeff Jarvis, founder of blog Buzzmachine, creater of Entertainment Weekly magazine

Howard Rosenberg, Former Television Critic for the Los Angeles Times newspaper, author of " Not so Prime Time: Chasing the Trivial on American Television."

This program aired on April 5, 2006.


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