The Internet's Impact on Sex and Society

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When it comes to sex and the Internet, the news headlines aren't the half of it these days. A Department of Homeland Security official was arrested this week for soliciting what he thought was a 14-year-old girl online. Then, there is the California teenage boy who made hundreds of thousands of dollars performing sexually on the web.

The real story is much larger — a world, a nation now awash in 24/7 hardcore sex, always there, always on. Shaping young minds. Messing with marriages. Moving sex from the bedroom to the pale glow of a computer screen.

Hear about sex and the internet — the unprecedented ocean of porn and possibilities now at our fingertips, and how it's effecting lives and society.


Pamela Paul, author Pornified

how pornography is transforming our lives, our relationships, and our families

Michael Sullivan, US Attorney

Mary Anne Layden, Director of the sexual trauma and psycho-pathology program at UPenn's center for cognitive therapy

Perry Aftab, security, privacy, and cyberspace lawyer

This program aired on April 7, 2006.


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