CEO Pay Still Rising

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In 1960, the average American CEO made twice the pay of the President of the United States. Today, their pay is hundreds of times higher than the Commander in Chief's, and in all likelihood, yours.

They get millions and millions if they succeed, and millions and millions if they don't. Last year, most Americans lost ground after inflation. CEOs? Still urging ahead.

There's been an outcry for years, but no impact. Now, some corporate boards are dropping the cozy, automatic super-pay that CEOs have come to expect. And the SEC is about to shine a light on all the gold-plated perks. But will it rein in what even business leaders now call craven?

Hear about CEO pay, out of sight, again.


Joann Lublin, Wall Street Journal reporter

Charles Elson, Chair of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, Lerner College of Business & Economics, University of Delaware

John Bogle, Sr., Vanguard founder and former CEO

Rakesh Khurana, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School.

This program aired on April 12, 2006.


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