Remembering John Kenneth Galbraith

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Famed economist, teacher and diplomat John Kenneth Galbraith died last weekend in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was 97.

A towering figure both literally, at a rugged six feet eight inches, and figuratively, in the realm of liberal social and political thought. In his books "The Affluent Society," "American Capitalism" and scores more, Galbraith was a powerful communicator of a particular, passionate view of the world.

He served decades of presidents and young scholars. He named "the conventional wisdom," and always pulled beyond it. Four years ago On Point interviewed Galbraith on post-9.11 America, war and peace. This hour listens back to that interview.

This hour On Point: a last conversation with John Kenneth Galbraith.


John Kenneth Galbraith speaking to Tom Ashbrook in 2002

Robert Solow, professor emeritus and University Professor at MIT, won Nobel Prize for economics

This program aired on May 2, 2006.


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