Top 100 Public High Schools

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Mention public education in the United States and the word "reform" is soon to follow. The need to reform the nation's schools is almost as old as public education itself. Invariably the debate about how to improve public schools focuses on what's wrong with them.

But across the country there are examples of schools that work; classrooms abuzz with creativity and the excitement of learning. They're run by committed teachers, overseen by innovative principals and supported involved parents.

In short, they're the nation's best schools — but the question is, can they teach the rest of the country how to do what they do?

Hear a discussion on what makes a public school great.


Jay Mathews, Contributing Editor for Newsweek Magazine and Education Reporter for the Washington Post

Robert Schwartz, Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Michael Satarino, Principal of Talented and Gifted Magnet School in Dallas, TX - Newsweek's #1 public high school in the United States

Spencer Kern, senior at Martin Luther King school in Nashville, TN, Newsweek's #39 public high school in the United States

This program aired on May 5, 2006.


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