Hayden for Hire?

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Four-star Air Force general Michael Hayden has a reputation in Washington as the hottest intelligence briefer in the Capitol. Today, he's briefing on the biggest stage of his life.

Senate confirmation hearings on President Bush's pick to head the CIA are targeting General Hayden's central role in secret domestic spying programs, and targeting his uniform itself when it comes to heading up the civilian intel shop.

A year ago, Hayden assured the Senate all his intelligence work was legal. Now, that's not so clear. He's said he gave Senators "the full monty" but new exposures keep coming.

Hayden is potent. So are the questions.

Hear about the confirmation hearings of CIA chief nominee Michael Hayden before the US Senate.


Former United States Senator Bob Graham, who served on the Senate Intelligence Committee

Gary Berntsen, former CIA officer and author of "Jawbreaker"

Bryan Bender, intelligence and national security reporter for the Boston Globe

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst.

This program aired on May 18, 2006.


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