The Da Vinci Code

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For century after century, the stained glass cathedral was the biggest, most dazzling cultural center in the Western world, and the Church was the keeper of culture. But tonight, the Da Vinci Code movie hits theaters across the US, and the megaplex is staring down the House of God.

Dan Brown's high-conspiracy Bible-twisting murder mystery — with its married Jesus and pregnant Mary Magdalene and heirs of Christ roaming the earth — has sold 60 million copies in print. Now, it hits the big screen, with Tom Hanks in a pulp-fiction frontal-assault on orthodoxy.

Hear about the Da Vinci mania, and how the church and tradition face off with the mega media machine.


Devin Gordon, Senior Writer at Newsweek

Karen King, Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Harvard Divinity School

Luke Timothy Johnson, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Emory University's Candler School of Theology

San Francisco Archbishop George H. Niederauer

This program aired on May 19, 2006.


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