Gay Marriage As New Civil Rights' Movement?

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It isn't going to fly in the US Senate, where a two-thirds vote is required to launch a constitutional amendment. It doesn't get two-thirds support among the American people, where the latest Gallup poll shows 50 percent support a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

But that does not mean the issue is dead — not by a long shot. Proponents want the rights and recognition that come with marriage. Opponents say it's an assault on civilization. And though Coretta Scott King was for it, some black leaders in the president's corner say the drive for gay marriage is a hijacking of the civil rights movement itself.

Hear about the hot politics of civil rights and gay marriage.


Debra Rosenberg, Deputy Washington Bureau Chief for Newsweek Magazine

Reverend Eugene Rivers, Founder and President of the Seymour Institute for Advanced Christian Studies and Pastor at Azusa Christian Community Church in Boston, MA

Chai Feldblum, Professsor of Law Georgetown University

Bishop John Selders, Pastor at Armistan United Church of Christ

This program aired on June 6, 2006.


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