Wartime Afghanistan

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Just weeks after US-led forces toppled the Taliban in January 2002, young Rory Stewart stood at the western edge of Afghanistan, ready — incredibly — to walk in the winter through mountains, across a famously rugged country torn by decades of infamously brutal war.

The young Scotsman was no naive fool. He had already walked over much of Asia, served as a British diplomat, and tutored the British royals' Prince William and Prince Harry.

Now, he was far from any palace grounds — in Kipling country with Kalashnikovs, walking village by village by mountain pass through a country that is still confounding American troops.

Hear about the remarkable story of Rory Stewart's impossible journey, and the unfinished challenge of Afghanistan.


Carlotta Gall, reporter for the New York Times

Rory Stewart, author of "The Places in Between"

This program aired on June 20, 2006.


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