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This week saw seven Marines and one Navy corpsman charged with murder and kidnapping in Iraq. It also featured a failed effort by Senate Democrats to set a date on the withdrawal of U.S. troops. The facts on the ground, and the politics of war and peace at home are among the issues our weekly panel of journalists will consider this hour.

Also up for discussion, the FBI breaks up an alleged home-grown terror plot in Miami; the case in favor or repealing the voting rights act; the case against increasing the minimum wage; and Democrat Joe Lieberman's hawkish support of the war lands him in a tough fight to retain his Senate seat.

Hear about another week of war, Congress, politics and your calls.


Bill Curry, columnist for the Hartford Courant, former Democratic candidate for governor or Connecticut

John McWhorter, senior fellow at the Manhattan Instiitute

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst

This program aired on June 23, 2006.


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