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For 41 years, reporter Joseph Galloway has covered America's wars — from the first major ground offensive in Vietnam to the current war in Iraq.

Galloway has never permitted journalistic objectivity to hide his deep affection for soldiers. In Vietnam, he huddled in the muddy foxholes with the grunts, picked up a gun and fought with them; and when necessary, carried their shattered bodies off the battlefields.

Galloway is one of the few civilians to be awarded the Bronze Star for battlefield bravery, who writes, "you can't always remain a witness, above and removed from the story you are covering."

Galloway has retired from the frontlines, but not before praising the courage of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and lashing out at what he calls the utter incompetence of America's military civilian leadership.

Hear a conversation with Joe Galloway, a soldier's reporter.


Joseph Galloway, syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services Syndicate and author of "We Were Soldiers Once...and Young." Galloway has covered the Vietnam War, India-Pakistan, the Haiti Incursion, the Persian Gulf War, and The Iraq War. He recently retired as Senior Military Correspondent for Knight Ridder.

This program aired on June 27, 2006.


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