What To Do in Iraq

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The latest bloodbath in Baghdad began Sunday morning, when Shiite gunmen roared into a Sunni neighborhood and began executing Sunnis right and left.

And then, one month into a much-ballyhooed security clampdown in Iraq's capital, Baghdad came undone in sectarian violence. Car bombs, gunfights, mortar fire, executions. Iraqis at each other's throats in clear daylight.

President Bush says US troops will stand down when Iraq's forces stand up. But what if Iraqis just stand up to fight each other? That fear is prompting deep questioning of US strategy, and some radical new proposals.

Hear about the most recent bloodbath in Baghdad, and the desperate search for a US strategy that works in Iraq.


Bourzou Daragahi, Baghdad Correspondent for the Los Angeles Times

Stephen Biddle, Senior Fellow in Defense Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations

James Dobbins, Director of the RAND International Security and Defense Policy Center.

This program aired on July 12, 2006.


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