Consequences of Bush's Foreign Policy

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As chaos descends on Lebanon this week, the neoconservative cry in Washington is "on to Iran!" Israel is fighting for its security. The neo-con cry is that it's "our war," and a regime in Tehran behind it must be taken on. Joe Klein, columnist for Time magazine, sees things differently.

Klein has watched Washington and the world for a long time. And in the George W. Bush years, he has seen Iran grow not weaker, but stronger. The White House has cut down Iran's rivals, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, and it has mired America's military power in Iraq. Unintended consequences, surely, but America under Bush "has been Iran's best friend" is the word he shares this week.

Hear a conversation with Joe Klein on Bush's foreign policy and the meltdown in the Middle East.


Joe Klein, columnist for Time magazine

Robert Pollock, member of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

This program aired on July 20, 2006.


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