Cuba's Future

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In ten days, on August 13th, Fidel Castro turns 80, if he's alive. Since word came down this week that an unwell Fidel was turning authority over to his brother Raul, Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora — from Miami to Washington to points worldwide — have been crackling with speculation about what comes next.

Will Fidel return? Is he even alive? Will the revolution Castro championed at Cuba's helm for almost fifty years go on? Will the counter-revolution begin? Will Cuban Communism morph into a China-style market economy?

Havana has plans. So do Miami's exiles. So does Washington. And then there are the Cuban people.

Hear about the way ahead for Cuba — beyond Fidel.


Gary Marx, The Chicago Tribune Foreign correspondent based in Havana, Cuba

Brian Latell, CIA's National Intelligence Officer for Latin America from 1990-1994, author of "After Fidel: The Inside Story of Castro's Regime and Cuba's next leader

Lillian Guerra, Assistant Professor of Caribbean History at Yale University

Aldo Leiva, a Director at the Cuban-American National Foundation

This program aired on August 3, 2006.


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