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Tour de France champion American Floyd Landis looks like a champ no more. The charge: testosterone doping. World-record 100-meter dash Olympic champ Justin Gatlin — ditto — testosterone in unnatural quantities.

It is a natural hormone is both men and women, but ten to twenty times more in men. It is the source and model for the anabolic steroids that flood the world of sport, maybe your local gym, your local police department, your medicine chest.

We joke about testosterone. It's been vaunted as the great rejuvenator, as sexual jet fuel, as a miracle tonic. And feared as the corrupting "juice" of 'roid rage and wrecked health.

From Floyd Landis to your life — hear a conversation about testosterone.


Austin Murphy, Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated;
John Hoberman, author of "Testosterone Dreams: Rejuvenation, Aphrodisia, Doping.";
Dr. John Amory, endocrinologist at the University of Washington.

This program aired on August 7, 2006.


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